Why I changed my WordPress hostings to SiteGround?

Why I changed my WordPress hostings to SiteGround?

Having my own website has always given me a good feeling. I still remember I used to create google-sites to distribute assignments and study material among my classmates.

Today I am going to tell you reason why i changed my WordPress Hosting to SiteGround.

I registered my first domain and hosting with Hostgator. I chose because hosting and domain cost was my primary concern. HostGator was extremely cheap at that time in India. I should have considered many other factors before choosing hostgator. I learnt the lesson very hard way when my website was not loading at all. There were multiple issues and top of that Hostgator customer support was worst, which I experienced lately.

We are in best era where everyone is eager to create content and wants to start something of their own. Having your own digital presence over internet through blogging besides social networks site has become extremely popular.

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Contents :

  • Challenges and Requirements
  • Research/Hunt started for New Hosting Provider
  • My key criteria to choose the hosting
  • My experience with SiteGround So far
  • Conclusion

Why I changed my WordPress hostings to SiteGround?

> Challenges and requirements:

You got to understand your requirements by forecasting your vision towards the future of your website. I realized it later when I started facing problems with my current host. My Website used to go offline very frequently and load very slowly. Whenever there was update from the theme, some issues used to be there related to mixed contents error or so.

One not so fine day after an update from theme, it started giving me the mixed content error. I ended up spending my whole weekend to fix this issue. I also realized that the HostGator has one of the worst customer support. I used to be on waiting line for 40 minutes to be connected to the support. I realized that I should now look for other available solutions in the market. I figured out my requirements.

I was looking for hosting with multi-site support, should be extremely easy to migrate and manage the WordPress website. I also had to revamp my website so, host should have the capability to give me staging kind of facilities.

> Research/Hunt started for New Hosting Provider

I started watching many youtube videos and reading articles. I also started a comparison of my current host with other hosts available in the market. Though i had compared with other hosts as well I will show here the comparison between Hostgator and SiteGround only.

My key criteria to choose the hosting:

Support from Host – I have seen many praises for SiteGround customer support on website and on youtube.. I had my own experience with HostGator which was not so good. After my current experience I can say that SiteGround has extremely wonderful support when it comes to fixing your issue. Superfast!

SiteGround customer reviews page

Performance – I am using SG Optimiser plugin which automatically optimizes the by browser-specific caching, environment, Frontend, and Media optimization. My websites load super fast now. They provide SSD for storage which also contributes to their performance. This plugin has more than 700000+ active downloads.

SiteGround Optimizer Plugin

As per March 2020, update from IHB #Rank of both providers is below

SiteGround Hostgator
SiteGround is ranked Hostgator is ranked –
#1st in 2020 #3rd in 2020

Ease of Migration – SG is one of the first recommended hosting by WordPress. Also, migration to my website was super easy and quick with the SG migrator plugin.

SiteGround Migrator Plugin

Ease of Use:- I find the SG interface pretty simple and easy to use. It comes with multiple features like staging, Security, Email, Backup and many more at one place. It backups of the website automatically and also provide free SSL and CloudFront CDN basic plan for free.

SiteGround control panel

Price, Plans, and Features – The best plan according to me is GrowBig plan which comes unlimited website hosting, 20GB SSD.

it’s not the cheapest plan but it brings many things on the table with this cost.

SiteGround Hosting Price Plan

> My experience with SiteGround So far

I am extremely happy with SiteGround how they have helped me in migrating the website. Fixing the issues with some part and being quickly available in help related to backup, and more. Their platform is easy to use, quick to set up for the person like me having minimal web designing skills.

> Conclusion

For me, it is not hard to conclude that SiteGround is the best Hosting platform between these two. And one of the best hosting companies available in the world today. Many users have also claimed that SiteGround is better than many other services. SG is definitely moving ahead from the pack. Add to that the 30-day refund policy, and you have a winner. Kudos to SiteGround!

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